A very short history of our studio

We all had our fair share of multinational company training. We learnt the know-how, incorporated the corporate bullshit and were proud of things we were supposed to be proud of. Having learnt all the 3 letter abbreviations we started wondering what their point was when we already knew the whole alphabet. Our biggest strength is the fact that if we realize we are going the wrong way, the next day we can take a different route. This offers us countless opportunities, and so does for you.

A truly full-service agency

The more compromises you have to make in a project, the easier it is to achieve something completely bland. That's why we created an agency that provides the whole process of advertising under one roof from the development of an idea all the way to post-production.

Filmmaking is traditionally an expensive business. That's why we decided not to do it the traditional way. We are not the keepers of any life-changing secrets though, and we have only bought the cheap Chinese version of the philosopher's stone. But if you have ever had sleepless nights over the final budget of a project, we might just be able to help you out.
The classical post-production workflow consists of phases rigorously built upon one another. This makes the timing of the workflow easy, but also inflexible. We organized ours so that jumping from one phase to another is child’s play. What does this all mean for you? It means that without knowing all the boring details, you can rest assured that even the last-minute changes in your film can be done without anyone getting a heart attack.


Our team handles everything from pre-production all the way to post-production. We produce films with a crew that’s small in numbers, but big on enthusiasm.

editing and grading
vágás és fényelés

Editing and grading

Our office is equipped with two spacious editing rooms and a DaVinci grading system running on top quality, frequently calibrated OLED broadcast monitors.



Autodesk Flame, Blackmagic Fusion and Adobe After Effects workstations reach the 80 TB redundant mass storage through a 10 Gbps ultrafast optical network.



We work with a wide range of animation techniques. Our portfolio includes everything from 2D animation, 3D visualisation, particle animation, pixel-liberalization to verbal provocation.



Whether you require product or model photos, we provide you with the knowledge, the studio or outdoors setting as well as with powerful lighting - everything that’s needed to produce 52 million luxurious pixels!



Thanks to our in-house, ever-expanding casting database we can choose to work with a cast selected from a well-built talent pool: actors and actresses, models, singers, and amateurs are all on our list.



creative director
Mor Komuves

Mor Komuves

Director, editor, Flame artist, ex-creative of Lowe Budapest, former on-air promo producer of RTL.

account executive
Boglarka Joos

Boglarka Joos

She majored in Tarantino so we make sure to lock away anything sharp during our client meetings.

Robert Strobl

Robert Strobl

Cinematographer, photographer, producer. Worked as fashion photographer in England, Holland and Spain.

art director
Balint Darvas

Balint Darvas

Graphic designer, 3D specialist, VFX supervisor. Involuntarily christened our agency.

Jozsef Kecskemeti

Joseph Kecskemeti

A renaissance handyman: he fixes anything that’s broken. But do not give him stuff that's functioning!

Balint Darvas


Freeloader. Decided to set up office and make a mess in the kitchen. We had to liquidate her. From the kitchen.

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